Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jab we met

Quite cool movie. After a long time I found full of energy flowing in the movie. The characters were alive and blushing their true sense throughout the movie.

Story : Frusted-young-business man(Shaid Kapoor) ditched by his GF, found himself in pool of maze in the business, suddenly leaves the empire built by his papa overnite and goes out like a nomad in search of peace. Meets Kareena Kapoor on train, who is happy go lucky kinda gal travels from Mumbai to Punjab.
They miss the train at one point and as you guess travel together to Punjab. She takes him to her home and found that family is merrying around to fix her marriage with some guy in their family, which she doesn't like and obviously as you expect both SK & KK flew away.
For godsake you think they both are in love that's not true. KK was in love with some monkey in Kulumanali and they start their journey again to meet him. Meanwhile SK was very much attracted and got impressed by KK and start falling in love. After reaching kulu, SK leaves her and goes back to Mumbai to continue his business and gets succeeded.
On the otherhand family of KK is searching for her and didn't hear anything from her for 9 months. They blame SK for ruining their family. As every hero, SK takes the responsibility of reuniting the family with KK starts his journey again to find her. After a long search he found that she got ditched by her boy friend (that monkey) and they express their love to each other. brings her back to home and lived happily after that.
Script: Story was pathetic with lot of potholes and logic less script. Normal story, but I should honestly accept SK & KK had done their part vey well. For the first time I have seen KK acting with cloths around ;)

Normally in such travel scripts directors will show off their talent in hunting locations abroad and make a fix to producers. This guy (Imtiaz Ali) has done a decent job using locations in India itself. Another worse travel movie I had seen is "Puthukotaillirunthu Saravanan". Nammba aalungala adichikave mudiyathu. They scrwed the whole movie.
Certain shots & scenes like KK introducing SK to her sister has the guy whom she has planned to marry to her (sis). The scene in 3rd grade hotel and the following police raid.
Music: Commendable work by Music Director Pritam. All the songs were rocking.
Actors: Kareena was too good. Though I don't like her, she did a really good job in the movie. Shaid was equally cool and script fits aptly for his body language and age. Both together make a good pair. Offlate heard both have separated and not dating is that so ?? ;)
P.S.: For those who don't know Hindi - Jab means When . Kathailam solliyachu poi parthuttu vanthu naan sonnen thaan parthen, kadi aagiduchu-nu yaarachum comment potta kola vizhum.
P.S. for P.S. : This is one is not for you PK :)


  1. //P.S. : This is one is not for you PK :)//

    Hehehe...Total damage! :P

  2. super! n they lived happily ever after kinda movie...

    poi pakkuren!

    danks for the info