Friday, November 30, 2007

Blog Posts that I liked

There are blogs that usually I visit. There are websites which I hamp on every now and then. But there are only very few posts that I enjoyed to my heart when I was reading them. They are here for you also to enjoy, if you haven't happen to read them before :) - By Yosippavar. I just can't relate this as a sci-fi story, but its of more to say on life.

Know about China here -

Do you wear mookuthi?? Well read this then -

You a s/w engr?? read some penathals -

Post you can learn to draw faces :) - - Post by Logic {I wonder why he is not consistent in writing post :( } - feelings post by By raz - By kannama - My all time fav by PK :) - Post made me to think on the other side of the life. Thanks Kavitha :) - yet another humurous post by Kaats - I love this post as it relates to my day to day job. May be we both are Applying Thoughts ;)

If you have any, please do share the links in your comments. I love them to read :)


  1. my name is not tamilarasi !!!!en pera kola pannatinga pa!

    n its one of the post which is v close to my heart... good to know u liked it


  2. @ raz : :O unperu tamilarasi illaiyaa???? Guessed it. Anyways, unna yeppadi kupiduvaanga unga school teacher??

    Edited it to RAZ :)

  3. Nice post here.. Nice reading all the posts listed. First thing which attracted is the Gundumamma
    "Yendha kadaila arisi vangareenga"?
    sure will read the rest of ur posts...