Monday, November 26, 2007

Dollar is UP so the Shoppers :)

Wife: “How much space do we have in the car? Can we squeeze this microwave in?”

Husband: “No, it’s pretty crammed in there.”

Wife: “What about on your lap?”

Husband: “I’m carrying the refrigerator on my lap, remember?”

Wife: “What about on the roof?”

Husband: “No, we’d need to have a roof rack for that. We can’t just put a microwave on the roof. It might fall off. It’s unsafe.”

Wife: “Okay, what if we put the refrigerator on your seat and put the microwave on top of it?”

Husband: “Where will I sit?”

Wife: “Uh … what about on the roof?”

Source: Nshima


  1. :) ennaku yethachum vangi thayen :D

  2. @ raz: innum yenoda kamarkattu baaki irruku. Atha first settle pannu :P

    @ PK: As the dollar value went up , there is lot of shopping going around. Its depiction of husband and wife who went for a weekend purchase of households. They bought so much that they don't have space in their car to fit them all.

    sh!! abba! explanation pothumma illa innum sollanumma? :D