Friday, July 13, 2007

Taxing the $uper RICH

Inspired from my Godfather Scott Adams Blog - Dilbert Blog on How to tax the Super Rich, trying my best what all we can do to the Indian $uper Rich.

As Rajni says in his Sivaji movie, "Richer gets rich; poorer gets poor". There are many riches, uncountably grown in the recent past. Correspondingly the Super Rich which were few a couple of decades ago were increased well in number.
Ambani, Sunil Bharati Mittal, Narayanamurthy, Azim Premji etc.etc. who owns at least Rs.100 Cr in their pockets, squeezes their CA just to get out of the Taxation Net. The normal 33% taxation doesn't help the government to tax out our guys and benefit the needy ones. Lets have a 'deal' as said by Scott Adams in his blog.

What could be the rights given to them which would not affect them invariably with the normal society? Here are few from me,

* Super riches can be given the double voting rights. In any case they won't come down in the hot sun and vote during election, so giving a double voting right will not affect the society or the candidate.

* Super Riches can get special VIP pass during the National festival and given a seat near President or PM. By any chance its going to be the Prez who will hoist the flag. So giving a seat near by that will not make any big implication, rather we can allow them to bid for the seat.

* We can allow the Super Riches to drive car at the speed of 200 KMPH after 10pm. As they keep their schedules of flight after 9pm, this would benefit them a lot.After 10 there won't be any big commutation by the regulars on road, so no disturbance to the citizens.

* We can allow all the Super Rich to build their houses in one particular area and make sure there will be uninterrupted facilities for them. Anyways now they are paying lot of bribe to the local persons to get the essential needs, why don't we make it legal, at least the government gets some money in its kitty.

* This is most important privilege - Given an option to have more than 1 legal wife. As they are Super Rich, they will be able to maintain two three houses. By this they can satisfy their existing "KEEP" and legalize all their dealings with them. In fact by this process, you demolish the "BENOMY" trade usually happens with this keep and get lot of black money into the market again. Disclaimer:- Government will not responsible for any characteristic & emotional mishaps happening because of this privilege. Its the sole responsibility of the Super Rich to maintain all the wives equally or proportionately.

I believe, have added a lot to this list. Though I'm not up to the creativity what Scott had about the Super Rich ( neither even to the extent of his comments), trust have gave some insight on what I'm trying to say here. You have some more ideas in your mind, please pen them down as comment, will compile and send it across the P.Chidambaram.


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