Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gobi Lollipop

Quite interesting to know that, I have started blogging again ( that too weekly twice or thrice). Suddenly, I have many things to share, but not sure whether everything would be appropriate to pen down here.

Yesterday, there was team lunch. Good part of your office being nearby MG Road is you have lot of place to hangout. My boss use to say for every 10 steps you keep in MG Raod, you will come across 2 eating hangouts. I tried counting and am sure he also did that, becuase it was precises.

One of the onsite co-ordinator for our project came to India to get married, so there was a party arrnaged (Mind, its the 3 party in this month and hope to have more in a row). We went to a hotel called EMGEE, decent place, nice food and resonable rates. If anyone happens to take your food in MG Road, Bangalore try this restaurant inside HOTEL SHELTON.

I'm getting into the team now. As usual the topic is about Cricket or Calcutta. If they ( the team) are saturated with either of these, then the topic will be about Balki or Vijaykanth. Even my Practicse Lead who is from Pune was very much aware and intersted in discussing about Balki & VK. I believe, if VK does some movies in Hindi, soon he can progress in the National Politics.

Three Cheers to VK!

One good thing about having lunch with your boss is you don't have to pay anything :D & you will also get the freedom to chose & eat whatever you wish to. Finally the menu,

1. Roti-3
2. Paneer Masala Thikka
3. Aloo Kadai Dum
4. Chinese Noodles
5. Fried Papad
6. Tomato Soup
7. Gobi Lollipop


  1. veggie pola nee! enjoi madi...

    chicken lollipop a iruntha supera irunthu irukum!

  2. Ithu enna puthu URL???? Came thru the comment link that u commented in my page.. Enna nadakuthu???

  3. @raz: Neenga party tharathunaa sollunga Non-Veggie post potudalaam ;)

  4. @PK : Should I say,

  5. right! i was wondering i ve seen this blogger name long back n how come this guy has his blog only since July.

    so this is gundumama reborn page huh!


    ( this comment is after reading PK n ur talks :P )

  6. :O

    vara vara namma orru ponunga yellam puthisaali aagittu vaaranga pa !


  7. @gundumama: eppothume ponnuinga puthisali than pa!