Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rajni Vs. Sivaji



Who is the REAL BOSS?

From 6 year old to 90 year right from kanaka in ambasamuthiraam till Jack Scheweeps in Amsterdam everyone were murmuring these 3 words for past one month. No doubt Sivaji has created a clean sweeps of every other film released during the period, making a clear blockbuster of the year.

But it also leaves lot of speculation for next movie of Rajni, Shankar & AVM too. With a expensive budget of Rs. 60 Cr. the movie is estimated to make Rs.125 Cr. before its 100th day, if everything goes well.

Now the question is the sucess of this movie is because of Rajni or the intelligent marketing done by Sivaji team? Take a look at the picture below.
This is graph of key word Rajni used across the planet on various blogs. Now trying the same for key word Sivaji,

Sivaji - key word has taken a clear and outstanding performance in the last 180 days across many blogs. May be due to Sivaji reviews floating around the blog world in the past 30 days. But equal and even in some places Rajni keyword also received high acclaimnation as its his movie. To take a better look on this lets have a comparison of both Sivaji & Rajni.

A 30 day keyword comparison shows us that Sivaji has much better publicity in blog world than Rajni.

Still you don't believe, then take a close comparison for past 6 months - the period during which release of Sivaji was hedged and only Rajni name was prevailing all over the net.

What does this depict to us? Sivaji was Super Duper hit because its Rajni movie or becuase of excellent marketing done by the AVM team? I leave the answers to readers.

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