Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eight Below

Another busy weeks.... invaruiably didn't do anything productive, but sometime it happens you end up with doing such things. Anyway, I'm not going to discuss anything here and waste another couple of hours here, boring me & you.

Last weekend, I was in chennai. My train reached the station at 5:55 am sharp unlike it used to be late by atleast 30 mins. My train companion was botheriong now & then right from 4 am about the chennai station, believe she is new to the city and was here for some program on NDTV ( I thought journalist have some sense of gathering knowledge about the places where they visit.. this was enitrely opposite or may be I'm the poor fellow appointed to give those details to here)

First , I thought of taking Auto from the prepaid stand, but after seeing the amount (Rs.102) decided to try out my old friend Pallavan :D. I never boarded the bus from Railway station, infact haven't used the bus for long time in chennai after 2003 March ( I bought my bike in March 2003).

It was around 6:45 am when I got my bus k18, which is supposedly to be the very frequest bus in the city connecting my locality & railway station. I was frustated by the waiting time {Ops Mgmt-naa ;) } and asked the neighbour sitting beside me. He shared a few thoughts on changing needs of people and few buses converted into hitech bus flying with colours ( I have seen only 3 colours Orange, Yello & blue, is there anything else too ?? ). The old man gave me good idea whats going on in Chennai. He was surprised to see a software engineer boarding bus in chennai ( Is that anything uncommon in chennai????).

Finally, I reached my place at 7:50 am. Though it was time consuming, I enjoyed the ride in bus a lot. It was totally different than what I experienced in bangalore or nasik.

P.S. : The title is a picture name, I saw last friday in Star Movies. Really beautiful movie teaching us about obidience, discipline and team spirit. Though actors are meare dogs, they speak more on management style. Leaving apart the crap portion of the hero, the dogs have done a splendid work in the movie. Have a chance to see the movie, watch it... its worth watching two times even.


  1. //( Is that anything uncommon in chennai????).//

    Hm..Growing?? Hm???

  2. ok!
    but but.. but...
    i guess this post was more of a random musing!

    neways next time u come to chennai. drop a word b4 hand...

    n wht is K18's route?

    n yeah as PK has said.. its becoming uncommon!

    :) n saw a lot of ur MBA jargons :P

  3. //Hm..Growing?? Hm??? //

    @ PK : you or chennai??? :P

    //i guess this post was more of a random musing!//

    @raz : I write blog as an entertainment and enjoyment , not to throw any discussion. Athellam PK maathiri periya periya allunga vellai :D

    //neways next time u come to chennai. drop a word b4 hand... //

    @raz : nichayamma...

    //:) n saw a lot of ur MBA jargons :P//

    @ raz: hello 4 years 4L kuduthu padichiruken.. atleast ingayaachum use panna vidungappa :)