Friday, July 25, 2008

Jaane Tu... ya jaane na

Watched Jaane Tu.. last week.. Good. Infact really good. Story is nothing new people of Tamil & Malayalam as it was the same malayalam film remade with Prashanth & Shalini. It was the last film shalini acted and that too with lot messing around before the marriage (gossip??)

Well this time the movie in hindi has taken a comical shadow. Somehow I feel Bollywood knows the knack of remaking a film and making hit big hit.. okay decent hit atleast.

Both.. Jaane Tu and Bhool Bhulliyaa are remade very well. The good thing they don't copy just like that from the original.. they always add some comical stuff to it and change the screenplay entirely. After watching BB I thought BB was better than Chandramuki. With all Rajni on board its not great to give a hit like that, but BB wasn't carrying any major star cast (okay Akshay isn't a star atleast during that time) and still made a Box Office hit.

Well about Jaane Tu.. the entire screenplay was awesome. I feel like hugging & kissing the diro & team for making so loveable theme. Second the star cast.. Imran Khan - this guy is going to make big in Bollywood. If he is going to improve his dancing skills then he can bring down shiver to AK & SRK for sure. Genelia - the next good movie she did after Bommarillu. No wonder the silly; I-dont-care-attitude fits her well. She repeated the same thing that she did in Bommarillu and surprisingly it worked out well too.

Let it be photography or casting or sound or music (heard ARR; well couple of songs are excellent but the BGM wasn't imperisive) everyone did their job aptly.

Not only the main character even the supporting roles are defined properly. Sply the guitar gal. she was too good in her part. Nazeerudin sha.. man what a character artist. And three cheers to all the friends.

Overall I liked the movie very much. Why don't our Kollywood try something like this rather than always some kind of emotions and crying in their movies.

I started liking Hindi movies than Tamil these days..

BTW heard Kuselan will not be released in Bangalore?? Any update?

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