Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coffee Bar

Only very few albums attract me. Following is one among them..

Both the music and presentation was too good. I was actually searching this video for long time and just got my hands on it. And do you believe the lead lady in this album is Rakhi Sawant? She looks awesome in this song . Alas ! never try to see her now. She is the most horrible actress of Bollywood.

I can't understand this, even Lindsay Lohan was pretty and beautiful when she was acting movies like "Freaky Friday" and " Just my Luck" (Heard this is the movie from which Kismat Konnection was copied ;) Will watch & tell you). But if you watch her now in any shows or movies.. waack.. I feel like hitting her :O

Anyways.. I've couple of more videos to share with you all and will do added them here as & when required :)

Do post your favs...

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