Friday, May 2, 2008

Sport Leagues of India

Well, I'm not going to discuss something just about Bhajji - Sreesanth controversies. You could find a lot about them in other Blogs or website. And being in a nation that worships Cricketers as god and cricket as a religion , I feel like better stay away and watch it.

Sports Leagues are not new to India. We already have Mohun Bagan, Mahindra United or Kingfisher East Bengal for football sport which was well established. The only drawback is less promotions and audience didn't give exposure to these clubs.

What makes ICL & IPL more interesting is not just the sport, but the money rolling into these. It seems over $2 Billion is the amount revolving in one or other form in IPL through various channels like franchising, advertisements, marketing, Bids etc., Though copied from the UK based sports leagues one should appreciate the BCCI team for setting up a successfull League like IPL.

I asked my friend, who played in couple of Ranchi Trophy matches about what does these Leagues bring in to our country. Some of the very interesting things I noticed are,

1. These helps in knowing well about other country players.
2. Suppose to create a good relation with peers of domestic & foreign players.
3. More professionalism in the sport.


He said this will develop maturity among the hardcore cricket fans. We all know what happened to Dhoni's house when India didn't reach semi finals in World Cup. That's because they don't have enough maturity to understand the loss. These kind of format will make them to understand what is loss and make the crowd more balanced personality.

And the drawbacks,

Lot of money rolling, so chances of more betting and gambling. More bookies, more dirty games might be played. Its very hard to neglect gambling in sport, but then I feel govt can better legalize it to some extent. Everyone know alcohol is bad for health, but no one is interested in banning it, because it makes money for country. Similar way they can make this gambling a legal business and generate money out of it.

Counter for this arguement can be - Better get back the Lottery System :D

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