Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How expectation can ruin your life

Last week my friend called me up and said, "macchaa antha Uma Maheshwari kandukave maatengrada". He spoke as a frustrated guy and was in a critical position of getting mad soon.

Okay before getting further onto the topic a small intro about my friend, A well to do software guy, who fell in love every year right from his 8th std on some or other gal. Fortunately or unfortunately few gals do reciprocated the "feelings" which he properly converted to a relationship. But he never carried this relationship for long time. Either the situation makes way or he creates situation in such a way that they broke up after sometime.

Everytime he broke up he will come to me and cry and say this my last love affair and will never marry anyone. But you can see him again with some gal the very next week in some cafe coffee day or Besant Nagar beach.

Coming back to the story, this gal Uma Maheshwari, was not so close to him. They started chatting an year ago and she already had an affair with some guy which broke up after getting a good slaps from her father. Now this gal was pretty clear in her relationship with my friend. She wasn't interested in being love with him or marry him. For that matter, even or hero was not interested in marriage.

I asked him why he would be interested to have a relationship for not having a long term relationship. I asked, what is his expectation from her? He replied, "I just want her to be friend of mine". Soemthing was strange, I told him, "she is still your friend. Then why do you bother?". He said," I don't know, but I want her to be mine"

Okay, now this guy doesn't want her to marry, but should be in relation which is above friendship. After a few more conversation I understood that this guy need some psyhic treatment. The reason behind his restlessness is he never faced a failure from any of his past affairs with ladies (I make it generalized WOMEN factor). Neither his mother, nor his sister has opposed his expectations, they primarily left for his choice. The same happened for him with his previous relationships where he infact USED his galfriend for his purpose and left them as it is. Even the gals haven't opposed to this kinda activity.

I might use some strong words here, but when we analyze thoroughly, there are many people like this in our society who unknowingly become male chauvinist. This guy is in serious danger that when he get married and if his wife is of opposite nature, both their life would be in chaos.

When I tried explaining him, he nodded his head, but after few days he came to me and said "machha, I can't forget her" . It is something that he only can try changing it.

Guys be careful. Its not everytime you can dominate WOMEN.
Gals try to say NO when it is neccessary. Otherwise you will feel bad at later point of time.


  1. first of all, this post is going to spoil the gals life... believe me. remove it.

  2. :O !!!!
    Do you think I'm dumb to write a real name in my post when myself, using a fictious one???

  3. Good Post.
    kashtama irukku on reading. Feeling bad for such kinda ppl.. I would hv given a tight slap... neengalo advice pannirukkenga ...