Friday, March 28, 2008

Sema Vetti

Last week met my buddy who recently shifted his job from a small company to a big one. The new job didn't add much value interms of salary hike or position. I was surprised to know why he then joined the big company. Is it just for the sake of Brand Name it carry? I got another surprising answer: NO

He said, " maccha, my parents are searching a bride for me past one year. The gals are expecting the groom to be in some big company. About 10-12 alliances were rejected because of this reason. There was heavy pressure from my mom & dad to switch job. Infact I didn't even bother to negotiate during my interview though I had a good chance fearing of losing the oppurtunity."

I was hearing these kinda stories (????) for quite sometime. Another friend of my mine said the Brand Conciousness is very high with brides these days. Top companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tata Motors, Birla, Bajaj, Reliance have become household names these days. People are recognizing them next to Government Jobs. And if you are not among these then it becomes ridiculous for you to get a gal.

Any thoughts????


  1. my family have been looking for alliances for my sister and i would also want to know which company the groom works in, but it is not more important than the qualification.

    Being in a reputable company is a plus. I am in Singapore btw.

  2. ithu ellam konjam too much.
    but got to accept that, this is because of the lack of education on the job profile n all.
    ithuvum kadanthu pogum!


  3. This kinda info has been in rounds for quite sometime now.. but its not all that necessary for it to be the stereo typical guy who works for an IT company...

    well, thats jus' my view