Thursday, March 6, 2008


Believing in Fate
by Hal Sirowitz
I don't have a telephone, she said,
so I can't give you a number.
I'm not a great fan of planned dates.
But if I happen to bump into you
on the street I'd be willing to go for coffee.
Let's leave it to chance.
It broughtus together once.
It could work a second time.
You could help fate along by hanging outin Chelsea.
That's where I live.
If Igave you any more information I'd be cheating.

Its the chance we expect in our future to happen. If it doesn't we tend to take it negatively. But in reality, FATE is a positive expectation or the unfulfilled desire which have greater inclination to go wrong in the life.It is all the probability of getting the random events to happen ,that happened earlier in a positive way.


  1. Thts indeed a nice way 2 look @ things :)

  2. by any chance did u watch the movie "Serendipity" before writing this post?
    My idea goes like this...quoting the dialogue from the movie which doesn't need any intro..
    "MORPHEUS: Do you believe in fate, Neo?
    NEO: No.
    MORPHEUS: Why not?
    NEO: Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life."

  3. Wipro-la edhavadhu overa velai koduthutaangala? Illa velaiye illama irukeengala? ;) En ippadilam Fate pathi indha vayasula ezhudareenga??

  4. take control. if u like someone in the street and it is love at first sight then don leave it to fate. take the initiative to persue her. sucess comes to ones who try.