Monday, December 10, 2007

హ్యాపీ డేస్

Happened to see a Telugu movie called "Happy Days". A movie by Kammula who directed my favourite movie Godavari and Anand. Simply to put across, he kept up my expectation very well.

The story is all about the college days of 6 friends. I should say director had succeeded in brining all the aspects of 4 year college days in the 3 hour movie. Well, I'm not going to write any review about the movie. You can catch them up here.

What I like in all his movies are, he doesn't show his heorine as the barbie doll coming for two songs and strips off their so called cloths. All the characters will be positive. One scene to say, the hero (some new face, but did a lot good work in the film) tells the heorine at the nasacent stage of friendship, he feels like kissing her. heronie's father hears this up and got upset & was discussing with his wife about the friendship his daughter holding up. The heroine goes up to her father and say, I know this is very difficult to understand, but I think I can handle it very well without harming anyone.

Apparently, they fall in love with each other, which everyone expects. I like the Tyson aka Arjun character who fell in love with the senior gal in the college and managed to get her. Though the director keeps a pause in their relation , he also taken care it doesn't send a wrong message to the audience. Infact it reminds me about one of my College Senior, about whom I was crazy for about 3 years and finally one day caught hold to speak to her. Guess what she asked me?..

" you study in my Department?"......

Infact she was my first crush I openly admitted to my HOD at one point of time :D . To the higher side, I wrote her name as my Dream Girl on a Souvenir released by our Department. Lucky me, I wasn't barred out the college as she had completed and left by the time.
And about the movie, If you haven't watched any recent college oriented movies after "April Mathathil" then go and watch it. Though story wise it doesn't make any difference, the screenplay and direction stands apart.

I'm eagerly waiting for Kalloori to release in my city. Heard its too good on the same lines. And guess what heroine of both the movies are same . Tammana - I think she started getting good projects ahead.


  1. i want to see this movie too!
    thnks poi pakkuren..

    btw, jus came back from kallori...
    the movie is good... something abt the movie is still stirring inside me.. ennanu theriyala..

    uff! good movie. poi paru

    btw, un senior ponnu peru enna..

    ennaku kuda oru senior paiyan mela yekachaaa crush :D nanum avan kita solliten. he he

  2. i watched this movie..its pretty good... :)

  3. @ raz: Athukulla kallori paathacha?? :O Will catch hold of the tickets for this sunday show :D

    //btw, un senior ponnu peru enna.. // Smita Shankar last-a she worked in STAR TV as Sound Engineer (2004 data) appuram no information about her.

    @Mystery : Good you liked it :D

  4. :) Neraya news irukey intha postla.. Nallathu than! :P