Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Global Warming is a hoax?

Global Warming -
the word made rags to rich;
the word that dumped wealth for many people;
the word ditched 6L people by taking off their job;
and yeah! the word that recognized Al Gore as a Nobel Laurrette.

I'm not going to say what is Global Warming and why it is on the news for all these days. You can read a lot of article on that by Googling. I'm here to say, why Global Warming is a Hoax.

There are several reasons for the so called Scietists to claim on GW and one of the important factor is the "human activities". Since they can't prove that other man made stuffs (which are still hazardous to human health in many ways) are causing problem for GW, they landed to something is theoritical and generic in nature.

Why do we say Humans are not responsible for the cause of GW? Check out this website which tabulates all the reasons for GW to be a Hoax. Some of them here for your convinience.

If the Earth was laboring under an accelerated greenhouse effect caused by human produced CO2, the troposphere (the layer of the earth's atmosphere roughly 10-15km above us) should heat up faster than the surface of the planet, but data collected from satellites and weather balloons doesn't support this fundamental presumption.

The human contribution to carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is minimal in comparison to other natural means, including volcanic emmission and CO2 produced by animals, bacteria, decaying vegetation and the ocean. The human "carbon footprint" is vastly outweighed by all of these factors.

It is a pure cheap play of politicians and business tycoons across the globe to back this "Nothing Worth" movement. A desire on the part of climate science researchers to attract financial support. A desire on the part of conservative political leaders including Margaret Thatcher,[19][21] and Helmut Kohl [22] to promote nuclear power while attracting the political support of Green groups.

These would infact lit up fire for more Nuclear Deals (which when something goes wrong will put several lifes in stake) than improving the environmental conditions of the Planet.

Check out the following link on The Great Global Warming Swindle, which will give much more clear picture on this topic.

This is just another fear created by Americans like the Y2K, which is ultimately nothing. Finally 2000 busted the Dot Com companies leading to huge financial crisis around the world. Similar way they are boosting Global Warming, which is a useless analysis that would cause huge loss to the mankind that it is expected by the GW itself.

By Y2K - India got a new avenue for growth, but by GW they are thrashing the growth of African countries which are still under developed (and could be a potential threat to US Industrialization). Americans never do things which are not beneficial for them. And GW is one which would save their *** and help them to build their wealth by suppressing other countries growth. Today it is AFRICA; Tomorrow it might be ASIA?

P.S.: I'm not against Environmental Protection. But I can't go around for something is fake & hoax. If each individual is disciplined by the way he lives, there is no need to panic on anything in this world. GW is a fear created by a group of people for their benefit- better don't fall the trap.

P.S.: This post is NOT against anyone. But against the GW. Its to support the Conspiracy Theory on Global Warming. I'm laying only the facts on this post. Let the readers be the judge. Don't be a cheer leader for something that doesn't exist.


  1. u know what? :) i have been telling this all the while... and i now i ve someone :) and a few links where many ppl telling this.

    good work mama! :P

  2. Nice to hear that you didn't got caught into the stupid maze created by the people out there.

    Now start spreading this message to the human community & help in educating them and creating awareness about the GW conspiracy theory.

  3. scientific research is so full of flipflops that it is difficult to keep track, buddy!

    thanks for the informative piece!

  4. Adada... Nalla vela itha poteenga....//This post is NOT against anyone. But against the GW.//

    Illana y know how my face wud have been! :D

  5. Typooooo!
    Illana you know how my face wud have been! :D