Saturday, October 6, 2007

Public Sunts at its Heights !!!

Today had a chance to see one of the ugliest Public Stunts showcased by a TV channel & Actor. You guessed it right, I'm talking about Jodi No.1 Season 2 telecasted in Vijay TV on which Simbhu is one of the Jury.

Earlier a couple of episode ago there were some ruff & tuff telecasted about the performance of Krithika's Mother on the Judgement. Just because to add some spicy to their show they started telecasting these non-sense. Bloddy this is just a TV Show & Game. You don't have to show anything that happens behind the screens. In case you need, still have a space called Bloopers. Why do you play with the emotions of people out there? The same thing was already taken note from PK's blog post on Airtel Super Singer Junior.

This time it is with someone , who is known to the industry well about his performance and acting. I'm talking about Babloo. Damn, if you don't like the way he danced you can comment on that. But why you are bothered if he is angry on you or not?

Its good to know that you appreciate when people do things well. But who gave you the permission to disgrace when someone did it wrong? Well, if you think that with a few drops from your eyes would settle things well then I'm sorry dude. Its not this way.

I seriously don't understand why the co-participants haven't tried stopping Babloo when he walked out of the stage, while they ran behind Simbhu? Is it because he is a Actor at Silver Screen?? Why this partiality is there?

There are many unanswered questions revolving around. Ultimately its the TV's TRP ratings which would have gone at its peak, due to the promos it had floated around during the past week.


  1. i know :) i heard abt the tiff.. trying to get some news in the paper to read it fully!

    all these stuns only for TRP!!!

  2. I felt the same :O U know what..I have a strong feeling that these ppl plan and do the performance..Including the Simbu's walk out, Krithika's mom's anxiety..

    Everything appears 2 b preplanned to increase the hype!

  3. Hey so true, even i had this going on in my mind for sometime now..I think these kind of drama's shouldn't be there in these kinda shows.. May be the other participants didn't go and call Prithvi may be because this way they have another competitor out of the show.. Well,Im not sure .. But, I jus wonder..its jus a game and why do people have to come up with these kinda issues..

  4. @raz : News in papers :O Ithellam New York Times-la podura allavuku periya news aagidatheenga pa :)

    @PK: This was handled much better in Airtel Super Singer as Bloopers. Cute to see the way they made Chinmayi to work :D

    @Shalini :
    // May be the other participants didn't go and call Prithvi may be because this way they have another competitor out of the show.//

    May be you are right! But everyonw should mind that this is just a game in any case.

    BTW Welcome to my Blog :)

  5. i think wat simbu said was perfectly acceptable...but yea they shouldnt have created a big scene out this...

  6. @ mystery : Simbu = Controversy :)
    @ Mark IV : haa...haa... just read your post on the same. Quite hilarious :)

  7. idhu koodava therila? Babloo was history ;) and Simbhu is the present, adhan!

  8. @ Usha : Aaha ! yenna oru kandupidippu. Kaadi thaanga mudiyalla

    @ Simbhu: No Ads Please ! :)

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