Monday, September 3, 2007

Marriage Hiccups

First thing first...

Congrats to my friend Sanju Baba for his "new" marriage life. Wishing him a long & prosperous married life.

After a long time, thought of writing something very serious in this blog. Don't know whether its apt for me to discuss here, but if someone can give me a few idea how to solve the problem, I would be greatfull to them.

I have a friend, who was in love with a gal for about 4 years. Both belonged to different caste and you don't need any other reason to tear them apart. That gal was very crazy on him , but doesn't want to go against her father. So as usual(unlike our tamil cinema) in regular family, she tied knot with someone else, who damn know about her past love.

Problem is she couldn't forget this idiot and she wants him to take her somewhere from her husband. Though he is equally mad, somehow GYAN from friends like me and others hold him till now from taking any stupid steps.

Finally one fine day ( exactly 67 days of marriage) husband came to know about the affair and started thinking in a way usual husband would do. No one can blame the hubby as he have to keep up his family reputation. He is in a dillemma whether to keep her with him, inspite of knowing that she is not faithfull to him and have a fear she would fled away with my friend anytime.

What should we do in this case. I'm quite confused with the gal & my friend. Though their love is pure, we ca admit them after marriage. Its better to be away from the gal and help the guy to lead a peaceful life.