Friday, September 7, 2007

Break @ Mysore

Last weekend went to Mysore to meet my friend Arun. He was barging me every weekend to come to mysore.. Eventhough I was not in a mood to go, due to his continous efforts :) I started on the later half of saturday.

It was't much difficult to catch a Mysore bus from KGBS as services are categorised very well. These buggers drive a A/C Airavath bus to Mysore (3 hrs journey) at a cost of Rs.180. Quite surprising but we had a heavy rush to it. I found a govt company's understanding of customer surprising. Either ways, I'm not so wealthy or generous to shell out 200 bucks for 3 hr journey, so took Rajahamsa for Rs.120 ( except A/C & Water bottle everything was pretty much okay)

The bus stopped near a place called Madur. This place was very famous for its Vada (Madur Vada). I use to have 2 vadas for Rs.5, four years back during my Project Work @ Tumkur. Now the rates are changed to one vada for Rs.5 . But not bad the taste remains the same. Bought a few vadas for my friend too (Tamilar panpadu, should not go empty handed)

Reached Mysore at 6pm. And went to his home straight. The next day planned to go Chamundi hills early morning so that we can have a nice sun rise experience at Hill. But as usual we lazy buggers got up at 8am. Rushed by taking bath and went straight up the hill in 30 mins by his bike.

Mannn! riding a bike on those roads was really good. Unlike other hills, Chamudi has a relatively (or no) hair pin bends making you very comfortable for travel. Moreover the roads are wide enough for two bus to travel at a time in opposite direction.

Went first to the temple and found to be very crowded. Cursed our luck took a spl darshan ticket for Rs.20 each and wet inside the temple. The architecture of temple was excellent. I concentrated much on Devi outside rather than one inside the temple ;)

Then came down and went to Infosys campus where my friend works... Neat & Nice campus. To be honest I haven't seen any campus of that much huge area in the recent past. Right from Football court to Cricket practise net to Salon shop to Departmental store everything was built up inside and they are very well maintained too. But for a strength of 12K people that campus seems to be tooo big. Anyways looking at the growth of Infy over the past 2 years, they justify the need & neccesity to have such campus.

Then after Lunch at campus ( Pathetic Chicken Biriyani :( ), we came back to room as there was no other place to roam around or not interested to being a dry area on sunday afternoon ( Should ask NRM to stop those bloody shows in their multiplex on sunday afternoon)

Evening we went to Palace. It was another awesome place with full of lights on them. Palace was really glittering making the whole surrounding a paradise. Alas it lasted only for 1 hours as the palace was closed at 8pm. Came back to room and slept early as I've planned to catch the bus next day morning.

Somehow got the bus for Bangalore. Being Monday morning , people where racig to their office. Surprisingly my company gave a off for Janmashtami :)


  1. yeapppda... oru mysore trip nan adicha feel.

    foto um post pannrathu!

  2. "I use to have 2 vadas for Rs.5"..yeppa romba nalla memory power..:)

    btw neenga thala kaveri polaya?

  3. @raz : thanksuu ! romba foto pudikalla, foto pudicha aayusu kurainchidum-nu yenga paati sollirukaanga :D

    @mystery : Welcome :)

    Satham pottu sollidatheenga office-la selective amnesia-nu solli vachiruken

    Thala kaveri is in Coorg-na?? aanga yaarum friend ilaye :(